Our Team

As a coalition, we commit to:
• Respecting one another and acknowledging the diverse perspectives within our community.
• Embodying inclusivity in planning, programming, and community outreach.
• Being Honest, as it relates to our personal experiences, dialogue, and commitment to our coalition members and mission.
• Inspiring lasting change with tangible impacts in our communities.

Lynne A.

Bill B.

Kathleen B.

Kay C.

Lenora C.

Sharron C.

Sheniqua C.

Beverly D.

Kendall F.

John F.

Leo H.

Jerry H.

Kimberly H.

Ron H.

Deborah H.

Kay K.

George K.

Joyce K.

Wren N.

Philips N.

Michael P.

Melissa P.

Emma R.

Judith S.

Carrie S.

Will S.

Chris S.

Rhonda T.

Norma A. W.

Sean W.

Kate Y.

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