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About Dallas County EJI Coalition

Our coalition was founded in collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative, based in Montgomery, Alabama, to memorialize documented victims of racial violence in Dallas, Texas. We strive to honor the victims of racial terror in our county by raising public consciousness about past and present race relations and by shedding light on the legacy of racial violence. Through our Community Remembrance Project efforts, we aim to facilitate honest and direct dialogue, promote community education, and inspire changes that address historic and contemporary injustice.

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from Peace & Conciliation Project

SeMarion Humphrey, a 13-year-old Plano ISD student endured horrific, racist bullying from White Haggard Middle School football teammates. For months, SeMarion’s mother, Sumner Smith, has been reporting incidents of abuse to school authorities. Smith claims that her son has been “harassed, degraded and physically and mentally tortured by students at his school. But despite making reports, she said she didn’t receive help from staff.” Though Plano ISD has a zero tolerance policy for bullying, neither the school nor Plano ISD has made any actions toward curtailing the abuse.

The bullying became so intense, that SeMarion was forced to quit the football team for his own safety. Several weeks ago SeMarion received an invitation to a sleepover from a White football player, believing the invitation to be a show of true friendship, SeMarion was ecstatic to accept the invitation. What SeMarion could not have understood was the cruelty the boys had planned for him.

While at the sleepover, several White students shot SeMarion with BB guns. When he was asleep they beat and slapped him, all while calling him racist slurs. And worse yet, they forced SeMarion to drink their urine. The boys videoed the racist abuse.

SeMarion has been subjected to unconscionable cruelty. He will need therapy to support his healing, and for his own physical and psychological safety, he will need to enroll in a private school.

Please Join Peace & Conciliation Project in supporing SeMarion’s healing from this racist abuse through a financial donation to a GoFundMe that has been established in his honor. Peace & Conciliation Project has confirmed that the fundraiser has been established by an official family spokesperson with permission of Sumner Smith.

Justice for SeMarion will require both legal action, and an outpouring of love from the community. We invite you to be the love SeMarion needs to heal from this traumatic racist abuse. 


Racial Justice Essay Contest: Spring 2021

The Equal Justice Initiative in partnership with the Dallas County Coalition, is pleased to announce an upcoming scholarship contest open to 11th – 12th grade students attending public high schools in Dallas County, where prizes totaling at least $5,000 will be awarded to winning participants.

Students are asked to examine the history of a topic of racial injustice and to discuss its legacy today. Essays should explain the chosen topic using a specific historical event(s), explore how the injustice persists, and imagine solutions for a future free from racial injustice. Students are encouraged to reflect on how the topic impacts their own lives and communities.

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This EJI Racial Justice Essay Contest is open to all 11th - 12th grade students attending public high schools in Dallas County, Texas.


Monday, May 17, 2021 at 11:59 pm

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Local Organizer(s): Lenora Casmore and Beverly Davis at


March 27th
Racial Justice Essay Workshop

We have prepared a workshop to assist you with tips that will aid you in presenting your best essay for the scholarship.  On Saturday, March 27th, from 11 am - 1 pm on Zoom, we invite you to join us for a workshop dedicated to all students participating in the Racial Justice Essay contest.

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